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Arrange the following events in the chronological order

World History Miscellaneous Mcq Question

  1. Arrange the following events in the chronological order :
    (A) Birth of Prophet Mohammed
    (B) Rise of Gupta dynasty in India
    (C) Completion of the Roman Colosseum
    (D) Peter the Great becomes the Czar of Russia
  1. (C), (B), (A), (D)
  2. (A), (C), (D), (B)
  3. (B), (D), (C), (A)
  4. (D), (A), (C), (B)
Correct Option : A

The Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire, built of concrete and stone. Occupying a site just east of the Roman Forum, its construction started in 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian and was completed in 80 AD under Titus, with further modifications being made during Domitian’s reign (81–96). The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire which existed from approximately 320 to 550 CE and covered much of the Indian Subcontinent. Born in about 570 A.D, in the Arabian city of Mecca, Prophet Muhammad was orphaned at an early age and brought up under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. Peter the Great ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May, 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his half-brother.

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