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Direction: You have two brief passages with five questions following each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
From the world of magic, hypnosis is moving into the world of medicine, from hocus-pocus performed by men in black capes, to hypnotherapy practised by doctors in white coats. The purpose is to help people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome phobias, and control pain in a variety of medical situations, from childbirth to cancer. Research laboratories are currently checking out the success rate of therapy under hypnosis, while medical journals stand by to publish the results. And the important thing is, nobody is laughing. In the 1840’s, a British doctor in Calcutta created a controversy by performing over 1000 operations with hypnosis as the only anaesthesia. During the World Wars, German and British doctors used hypnosis to treat war neuroses.
hypnosis : an unconscious state in which somebody can still see and hear and can be influenced to follow commands or answer questions.
hocus-pocus :language/behaviour that is nonsense and is intended to hide the truth from people.
capes : loose outer piece of clothing that has no sleeves, fastens at the neck and hangs from the shoulders, like a cloak but shorter.
hypnotherapy : a kind of treatment that uses Hypnosis to help with physical or emotional problems.
anaesthesia : the state of being unable to feel anything, especially pain.
trance : a state in which somebody seems to be asleep but is aware of what is said to him.
phobia : a strong unreasonable fear of something

  1. Nobody is laughing at hypnotherapy now, because they are
  1. sad.
  2. angry.
  3. taking it seriously.
  4. annoyed.
Correct Option : C

taking it seriously

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