Comprehension Mcq Question

Direction: You have two brief passages with five questions following each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
A 23-year-old British woman was yesterday sentenced to six months in jail, for leaving her two-year-old daughter home alone, eight-hours a-day, five days a week, for a year while she went to work. The young mother from the central town of Warwick initially hired a babysitter, when she landed a job in a travel agency but eventually reached the point when she could no longer afford the facility, prosecutors said. The woman then started leaving the child home by herself, providing it with food and toys and removing all potentially dangerous objects from its reach. At first, the mother came home at lunch time but had to stop because her daughter threw tantrums every time she left to go back to work. The mother, who was not identified, told the court, “If I had money I would not have done it. It was a case of that or not keeping my job and living on benefit”. The judge, Mr. Harrison Hall, however said “Having had a child, the absolute priority is to look after it. There must be an alternative to leaving a child alone all day, a thing you would not do even to a dog”.
potentially : possibly
tantrums : angry, unreasonable behaviour, in a child, for a sudden short period.

  1. The word Facility in sentence refers to
  1. her job in the travel agency.
  2. living in a well-furnished apartment.
  3. getting adequate salary.
  4. employing someone to look after the child.
Correct Option : D

employing someone to look after the child

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