Comprehension Mcq Question

Direction: You have one brief passage with 5 questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
If we look back on the great political revolutions and the great technological revolutions (both of which are clues to the range of mankind’s capacities and possibilities), we see a striking contrast. Political revolutions, generally speaking, have revealed man’s organised purposefulness, his social conscience, his sense of justice, the aggressive and assertive side of his nature. Technological change, invention and innovation have tended, rather, to reveal his play instinct, his desire and his ability to go where he has never gone, to do what he has never done. The one shows his willingness to sacrifice in order to fulfil his plans and the other his willingness to sacrifice in order to pursue his quest. Many of the peculiar successes and special problems of our time come from our efforts to assimilate these two kinds of activities. We have tried to make government more experimental and to make technological change more purposive, more focussed, more planned than ever before.
assimilate : put together.

  1. Technological revolutions reveal man’s
  1. aggressive side of his nature.
  2. assertive side of his nature.
  3. play instinct.
  4. psychological maturity.
Correct Option : C

play instinct

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