Comprehension Mcq Question

Direction: Read the following passage and mark the correct answers based on the passage.
The two dominant features of our age are science and democracy. They have come to stay. We cannot ask educated people to accept the deliverances of faith without rational evidence. Whatever we are called upon to accept must be justified and supported by reason. Otherwise our religious beliefs will be reduced to wishful thinking. Modern man must learn to live with a religion which commends itself to his intellectual conscience, to the spirit of science. Besides, religion should be the sustaining faith of democracy which insists on the intellectual and spiritual development of every human being irrespective of his caste, creed, community, or race. Any religion which divides man from man or supports privileges, exploitation, wars, cannot commend itself to us today.
dominant : more important/powerful/noticeable than other things
deliverances : an expressed thought/judgement
rational : based on reason called
upon : ordered ; required wishful thinking: thinking in a way in which one wishes/ believes to be real/likely to become true commends : approves
sustaining : continuing
privileges : special rights/advantages

  1. The writer of the passage stresses the importance of
  1. religio
  2. science
  3. science and democracy.
  4. democracy
Correct Option : C

science and democracy

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